Mountain Bike

In Cyclowood listened with great interest the demand for people who follow us. So long we work for you. The result of this development work, we present the model that you have always demanded.

In Cyclowood whenever we present a model, we do with the maximum guarantees of quality, where design and technology combine. So we’ve had to make numerous tests and trials, the elements and raw materials that compose it, as finally the model.

Cyclowood MTB now present has performed thousands of miles, especially in the most adverse conditions of the Galician landscape, and in the most extreme conditions of heat, rain and snow. We are witnessing vast capabilities, crossing rivers, waterfalls, jumping over all kinds of rocks and landforms.

Now we can say with the utmost pride we have in our hands and available to all lovers of nature fused with the latest technology, the Cyclowood that will make everyone who wants to enjoy without limits.

We are sure that as soon as you try in extreme conditions you fall in love, their smooth operation, as it absorbs the bumps, or irregularities in any way too bad this is, the sense of security that offers is unique, we can say that after doing many miles feeling tired is not present, you will want to continue to enjoy.

We thank you for having followed, but like all good things in life are worth waiting for. Finally you can now enjoy your Cyclowood MTB.


In Cyclowood we elaborate only exclusive bike, exclusivity also measured in future perspective, so the current Cyclowood MTB is equipped with 29 “wheels. From the moment we launched our mountain bike have already created and also built our frames to be equipped with the new generation of wheels in 27.5 “.

If you do not want to have to worry about your Cyclowood equipped with the best accessories in the market, you can rely on the expertise of our technicians, extensive knowledge of the best materials currently available in the world are the best guarantee of enjoying your Cyclowood with the technology that best fits your Cyclowood MTB.

Wood Choices

Various combinations are available for the preparation of bicycle wood frame. You can see the different wood choices in order to choose the more attractive to you. The images are indicative, the grain, color and reflex are characteristics of wood as a natural product that is no consistency and uniformity, so may vary from that shown in the images.


The dimensions are slightly different if wheels 29 inch or 27.5 inch are used, so if you need exact dimensions, please contact us. Because of the many possibilities we offer in terms of the elements mounted in the frame, you must consult the price for each configuration.