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Road Bike

You feel a smooth ride and sense of security like never before.

Trekking class

A novel Cyclowood suitable for all kinds of activities.

Mountain Bike

After years of effort is here your Cyclowood MTB.

City Bike

The city Cyclowood love at a glance and is destined to be street jewel.

Hardness, strength, flexibility, lightness, stability and unique beauties


Cyclo Wood in the spanish sports daily "Marca": The Lone and Solidary Ranger

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Cyclowood at the 2014 Eurobike trade show

Cyclowood be present at the 2014 Eurobike trade show to be held…

Cyclowood in 2014 Spanish 'La Vuelta'

One year, exclusive wooden bicycles Cyclowood be present at the…

Cyclowood MTB and Roberto Palomar in Titan Desert 2014

THE UNBREAKABLE BICYCLE If a test of reliability for a mountain…

Cyclowood with MotoGP

Jordi Torres (Mapfre Aspar Team Moto2 team) will perform recognition…

Cyclowood MTB at Titan Desert

The Titan Desert continuous and also Cyclowood. The performance…

To the Titan Desert ... with a Cyclowood mountainbike!

Less than 20 days for a new edition of the Titan Desert, the…

Clinton Sunmer, from Alicante to Paris with Cyclowood

The South African ultraciclista Clinton Sunmerhas traveled 1,600…
monta§a 07

Report on RNE about Cyclowood

On March 18 have made to us a report on Radio5 of Spanish National…

The Product

Cyclowood is located in Verin, Orense (Spain). Here is our development center and where Cyclowood wood frames are made and where highly qualified technical staff assembles our bikes using the most advanced components to your bike.

Each unit of Cyclowood has engraved an identification number to facilitate communication between the company and clients. This number identify uniquely each frame or bicycle.

  • Why wood?

    The natural wood fiber has unique physical and mechanical properties. Hardness, strength, flexibility, lightness, stability and unique beauties

  • Process

    The manufacturing process of Cyclowood consists in several steps among which include the selection of the target species, ultra evaporation and dried by high frequency electric current among others, ending with a rigorous control of physical-mechanical and finishes.

  • Features

    The features that define and differentiate Cyclowood bicycle frames from all others can be summarized as follows:
    The wood is able to absorb like no other material uneven surfaces: cobblestones, potholes, asphalt shabby. .., providing better traction and provides more grip to the pavement.

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